Social Media Strategy – Do you have one?


Just about everyone these days knows the importance of having an online presence and being visible on social networks, particularly Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. And most business owners will occasionally post interesting details on their accounts in the hopes of attracting new clients.

But posting to social media without a consistent strategy is like a drop of water in a bucket. It blends in with all the other pieces of information on the internet without getting much attention.

Social media can be a powerful tool to bring more customers to your doorstep but less than 50 percent of businesses have a defined strategy for its use. Many people will tell you they are just too busy to post regularly or pay too much attention to their social media, but they are missing  out on a golden opportunity.

And with the variety of tools available today, it’s easier than ever to take advantage of it. But like any marketing tool, it has to be designed around the demographics of the customers or audience its meant to attract.

To begin a successful strategy its best to create several profiles of your audience. Create each as their own individual, with a name, job title, age, location and other details including interests, hobbies and where they like to hang out online.

SocialmediaheadOnce you’ve gathered several profiles, its time to see what social media networks and content will work best to reach your target audience. The demographics of who uses each platform and what type of content is consumed best on each can vary widely.

Business owners or those in charge of the social media profiles should put asides several hours a week at a minimum dedicated to working on their social media accounts. Profiles should also be regularly monitored for opportunities to engage with potential customers or to head off  potential negative attention before it goes viral.

Today’s consumer, either retail or for business to business services, are spending most of their time researching online before spending a dime. And much of that time is on social media.

Besides the Big Four, there are also other platforms inclding WhatsApp and Messenger that are also attracting a lot of attention. Google MyBusiness is also allowing posts to be included on a company’s profile. For more information on Google MyBusiness click here.

It may sound like a lot at first. But a little research combined with some planning and a few hours a week could pay a lot of dividends in the long run.